This page shows the most common questions, and this page will be updated and expanded periodically. If you have any question, please send it from here. You can also suggest other questions that may be useful to others. We welcome your questions and suggestions.

How can I access my account on your website?2018-02-21T21:21:26+03:00

When you register for the first time through the portal, a confirmation message will be sent to the customer’s email containing the access information. It should be noted that the registration is only available to customers.

I want to collect a debt, but I can not pay in advance!2018-02-21T21:20:41+03:00

The acceptance of debt collection request depends on studying the financial situation of the debtor, the documents submitted by the customer and the number of clients to determine the retainer and the final fees.

We are a financing company, what is the form of the annual contract?2018-02-21T21:20:02+03:00

The annual contract is drafted by our legal department, after reviewing the issues and the submitted documents by the company, including the amounts, issues and fees due and the procedures to be implemented by us.

Do you collect personal debts?2018-02-21T21:19:05+03:00

Yes, but after studying each case, a work plan is created to collect the personal debt.

What is the field of the companies that you can collect their debts?2018-02-21T21:18:13+03:00

In general, we collect debts for all companies and institutions.

How much does it cost to collect a bad debt?2018-02-21T21:16:40+03:00

The costs or the percentage of debt collection are different and there is no specific cost or percentage. Each deal of a client is treated separately by our specialists, and the percentage / cost is determined according to the available information.

How do I change the e-mail address that I registered by on the portal?2018-02-21T21:14:39+03:00

Please follow these steps to change your email:

  1. Log in to the portal
  2. Select My Account
  3. Choose Edit User Data
  4. Click Edit email
  5. After you finish editing, click the Save button

Upon completion, a message will be sent to the (new) email confirming the confirmation link.

How long to stop the services of the (debtor – defendant)?2018-02-21T21:11:25+03:00

It is possible to suspend the services of the defendant after 30 days from the execution judge decision.

If the executor against him/her (debtor) has money or property in his/her name, how to collect the debt from him/her?2018-02-21T21:09:40+03:00

Collecting the debt from the money of the debtor and withdrawing the money from his/her bank accounts through the judge, and selling the properties through auction by the amount of the value of the debt.

I have a debt owed by a person and I do not know his/her address. Can I claim the debt?2018-02-21T21:06:43+03:00

Yes, the debt can be claimed on the condition that the identity number or residence of the debtor is present, and a statement of not knowing the address of the defendant (debtor) is written

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