Partners in the success

Debt collection is an essential task for businesses that need constant cash flow, in order to sustain the success of many industries. Many of the investors are fear from debt collection problems and the cost of follow-ups, which may sometimes exceed the value of the debt itself, creating a potentially downward spiral that could lead to bankruptcy, but what is the best solution to face this crisis!

The “Shams Alaldalah” office saves all your effort, and you can ask our help because we have the efficiency that makes you ensure that the return of funds at the lowest cost and minimum problems.

Full commitment to the highest standards in the field of debt collection.

Make your work safer

We fully understand the consequences of non-collection of debts to others in a timely manner, and its impact that can be devastating!
… Our mission at “Shams Alaldalah” is to prevent this from happening.

Service Features

In the commercial sector, debt collection process is considered as one of the biggest problems facing business growth. “Shams Alaldalah” as a specialized entity with considerable debt collection experience is considered as the strategic solution for many companies to overcome this dilemma.


Thanks to the confidence of our customers, we have achieved success, so we are grateful to them for their trust in us, which drives us to continue stronger than any previous time and to improve the level of services offered to our valued customers.

By working with the best partners in several regional and global countries, we have achieved the best possible results in our field.

Why Shams Al Adalah?

  • A modern contact center for following-up and debt collection.
  • Tracking and tracing the escaped debtors inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

  • Team of field visits and collection.

  • Legal team includes a group of advisors and lawyers.

  • Business partners in Arab, European and American countries.

  • Easy tracking of transactions and the stages of collection electronically.
  • Security and confidentiality of customer information.