Collection of corporate debts

The cash flow represents the lifeblood of business and the measure of success and sustainability in any industry

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Collection of corporate debts

Debt collection services

We collect outstanding debts, distressed debts and even bad debts with high professional efficiency

Full commitment to a high quality

Our commitment to a high quality in our debt collection and follow-up services is one of our most important objectives. We continue to give it our greatest interest to maintain our leadership and the confidence of our clients in this field.

We have provided our services to more than 4,500 customers and we are very pleased to make them feel satisfaction.

An experienced staff

Our employees have all the necessary skills to negotiate and communicate with the customers of our agents as well as their knowledge of the legal and regulatory procedures that ensure speedy and efficient collection.

International network

We follow up and collect debts in Saudi Arabia and abroad through an international network of partners in more than 18 Arab and foreign countries, covering the Gulf Cooperation Council States and some Arab, European and American countries.

Legal expertise

One of our most important departments is the Legal Affairs Department, which includes a group of lawyers and legal advisors who have great experience in the practice in the field of legal work inside and outside the Kingdom.

Electronic portal

To facilitate the work of our customers in following up their transactions, we have developed an advanced electronic system through which the customer can access his/her account at any time and from any place confidentially and safely.

Debt collection services “most effective

We have an experienced team in the negotiation, Sharia, legal and executive procedures and communication techniques, starting from the initial procedures for identifying the debtor’s address, direct contact, sending legal warnings and field visits, up to the litigation through the courts and the execution of their decisions.

Figures that we are proud of

of the debts have been recovered
judicial sessions
successful collection process

When it comes to collecting your debts … make sure that time is not your friend!

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We have provided our services to a long list of clients, who are working in a variety of fields, and we are proud of the continuation of work with them and the satisfaction with our services